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Events2scare.co.uk prides itself on being one of the best in the scare entertainment hire industry with a dedicated team of staff and Horror actors, Props, highly-realistic special effects make-up and full blood soaked costumes and a great knowledge of zombies and all things un-dead, allowing us to help create the Ultimate Zombie Experience into all your events.


With a variety of heart-stopping zombie and horror entertainment packages ranging from basic zombie hire, right through to in-house special effects make-up services, event organisation, actor hire, props, zombie-grams, zombie weddings, charity zombie events, birthdays, hen and stag do's, corporate events and team bonding days.


Events2scare.co.uk delivers an amazing performance that is guaranteed to delight and disgust both young and old and will almost certainly leave a lasting impression for all your guests.

Actor Hire


Zombies, Horror Actors and Zombie Control Specialists?


In the interests of public health & safety and more importantly infection control, Events2scare.co.uk zombies can be supervised with a trained and experienced Handler for all your zombie or horror actor hires.


Control specialists perform important PP&S roles whilst escorting their zombie/s: safe construction of safety barriers; protecting guests from infection; feeding the zombie; facilitating safe photo shoots and basically implementing ( zombie behaviour modification protocols ) should the need arise ( some zombies can be very uncooperative out in the field and around living ).


All Events2scare.co.uk control specialists undergo substantial zombie self-defence and zombie management training to ensure that every Events2scare.co.uk appearance is delivered without incident, injury or infection.


Boasting a 78% incident-free record for 2014 so far, every party host should feel almost safe in the capable hands of an Events2scare.co.uk control specialists - your best protection against infection.


Party Time - Zombie Assault Tactical Training


Specialising in the organisation and planning of zombie experiences for the younger age group, allowing us to offer an alternative zombie experience that will leave you talking about it for weeks.


A great days activity that is made up of fun, laughs, screams and a lot of running.


Zombiefuntime adds the fun to zombie games, fancy trying to survive the hordes of blood thirsty zombies, Hunt them, Slay them whilst laughing and screaming at the same time, chase them and then be chased, all depends on how brave and well trained you become.


Learn the ultimate art of ZATT, Zombie training with a difference! ... Its Fun


Battle your way across Zombie infected areas.


Learn to spot a zombie and deliver the correct approach.


Live zombie shooting range, master the art of the bow and loads more activities to keep you on the edge.


Battle your way around the Zombie fun run obsticle course.


3 hours and includes lots of intense zombie assault training and games.


Perfect entertainment for the perfect party.


Bootcamp with a twist.


Chantelle Heskey - Halloween Ball 2014


The Ultimate Zombie / Horror hire specialists

We cater for events, promotions and parties of any kind. Zombies, a plethora of bespoke costumes, characterized species and scare actors including Realistic Imitation Firearms and Uniforms for our actors be that Police or Military are all available to hire for your event, film, promotion or party.

Birthday Photo Shoot



Events2scare.co.uk produces an unforgettable and exhilarating form of undead entertainment, and is almost guaranteed to be the centre of attraction at any special occasion, airsoft game, birthday party or halloween celebration.


If you are having a party or special occasion and want to stand out from the rest, then events2scare will deliver you with the perfect solution .


Meet and greet your guests with a difference? The Un-dead, let us help create the perfect image for your perfect party bash!.


Offering individual and specifically customised storylines, zombies and ideas, authentic costuming and props.


This is something the Events2scare.co.uk team always adhere to.


We cater for: Birthdays, Music videos, large public events, team building activities, Party Time, Stag and Hen do's, Theatre/TV, Airsoft events, Activity days or any special celebration that you are holding.




Special Effects Makeup


W've all seen them. Loitering around aimlessly with their white faces and blood drip from the mouth … STOP … Sadly no one has the heart to tell them: 'Talcum powder and tomato sauce do not make a zombie makeup kit.


If you don’t want to be an undead embarrassment at every Halloween party or zombie gathering, then get in touch as we have the solution for you.


Events2scare.co.uk offers affordable mobile special effects sessions in the comfort of your own home, offering a full 2 - 6 hours makeup service and transformation, help with theatre, promotional stunts, party goers, wedding guests, zombie walks and Halloween; we can cater for them all.


Using special effects make-up techniques, Events2scare.co.uk make-up people can transform you from a creature of questionable beauty into a truly vomit-inducing monstrosity in the space of just 2- 6 hours depending on details and difficulty.


All make-up clients receive free zombie coaching and advice on appropriate costuming, costumes can be also hired subject to availability.


Make-up services may range from subtle and swift application for infected zombies, to hard-core layered prosthetics and gore for undead zombies.


In the interests of client safety all make-up models are encouraged to undergo brief brand allergy testing at least 1 week prior to transformation.

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